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Need supplies for your 


  •  X Ray Film, Dry Film and Laser Film
  •  Ultrasound Coupling Gel
  • Thermal Printer Paper
  • ECG Paper
  • X Ray Contrast
  • MRI Contrast

we can provide you with these, call us now

Al-mimar For medical equipment and maintenance

مجموعة شركات المعمار لنصب وتجهيز العيادات والمراكز الطبيه والمستشفيات في كافة انحاء العراق

A company with such experience and history record, thanks to the hard work and highly skilled and trained engineers stuff, is exactly what you need to make sure your work go fluent and without trouble or any kinds of problem.

Al-mimar For medical equipment and maintenance

Company Timeline

No one could say a 24 years of owning a 

company and working within it's field is not 

enough to gain the best knowledge and 

most experience, even for every one, 24 

years of hard work can make any person go 

from the scratch to the maximum level of 

professionalism, how about doctors know 

the problem of the other doctors and what 

they are going throw, what they really want 

and need with what they dealing with and 

going throw.

We specialize in supplying, installation and 

maintenance of medical devices , one of 

the leading companies in the middle-east 

since it was established in the 1989 as the 

company install and supply many medical 

devices , diagnostic and therapeutic 

establish a large number of projects of 

modern medical in Iraq , the company has 

earn the confidence of its customers 

because of its dealings with well known 

origins and brands with a competitive 


How to contact:-

* To see price, Warranty and fees, Talk with the specialist and hear their opinion and order any device, please call one of the following Phones;

  • 07819045580
  • 07706700838
  • 07706700840
  • 07706700841

* If you Require maintenance or having difficulties;

  • 07706700839
  • 07714446962
  • 07819045581

You are always welcomed to visit us, from 9AM to 8PM, Every day except Friday
at the following address;

Iraq, Baghdad, Palestine Street, near the Brotherhood Turkmen club, Click here to see the map 


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