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SciCan Statim 5000 Autoclave (Sterilizer)

Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Fast, Compact, Reliable
  • Effective Every Time
  • Gentle on Instruments
  • Easy to Use and Maintain

The Statim 5000 has an additional sterilization cycle and a roomier cassette designed to process bulkier instruments and greater loads. It's a reliable cassette sterilizer that's compact enough to fit in patient treatment areas and fast enough to sterilize expensive Lasik, PRK, endoscopic and cataract instruments, including phaco handpieces, between procedures - it can complete an unwrapped sterilization cycle in just nine minutes and a wrapped cycle in just 17.5 minutes.*

The Statim 5000 is fully automatic. Simply select one of four sterilization programs and with a single touch of the keypad, begin the cycle. An advanced microprocessor controls all functions and maintains optimal sterilization conditions, from start to finish. 

SciCan's Statim cassette sterilizers have a biological effectiveness that has been proven in tests for hollow and solid instruments at many internationally recognized institutes in Canada, the United States and Europe.

This product, and other SciCan autoclaves are available new from DRE.


Unit Size:
L 55.5 cm x W 41.5cm x H 19cm
L 21.75" x W 16.25" x H 7.5"

Weight Without Water:  30kg / 66lbs

Cassette Internal Dimensions:
L 38cm x W 18 cm x H 7.5 cm
L 15" x W 7" x H 3"

Power Consumption:
110-120V 60Hz, 11A
In EU 220-240V, 50Hz, 6A
In Japan 100V 50/60Hz, 11A

Reservoir Capacity:
4.0 litres (distilled water)
Approximately 18 cycles

Optional Printer:
Type: Thermal printer
Print: 20 characters per line
Speed: 1 line/sec.
Capacity: 80 cycles/roll


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