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OsteoSys's EXA 3000 Bone Density Device

ali almimar

Key Features of EXA 3000

- Measure two spots: forearm & calcaneus (heel).

- Support optimized diagnosis software (BMD, BMC, T-Score, Z-Score).

- Easy to install and move.

- Windows XP-based graphic window makes the operation easier to any users.

- Accurately measure age of the wrist by measuring articular bone of the wrist.

- High resolution image (real image) as good as X-ray images.

- Comprehensive analysis including growth potential, age and nutritious state and trend of bones.

- Possible to measure fingers, carpal bones and calcaneus.

- Superior accuracy and repeatability.

Stringths of the tester

- Measure WHO-recommended sites (forearms, heels).

- Recognized as the quickest tester with 5 seconds or less in measuring time, thanks to Cone Beam.

- Easy to measure patients, no extra spending of consumables and accurate measurement.

- Automatic soft tissue calibration and distinction of bone boundaries.

- Use software to prevent spots which have the high number of trabecular bones which are clinically meaningful (=Lowest Bone Density) and accordingly to errors by operators or patients.

- Automated measurement and quality assurance, minimizing errors by operators or patients.

- Radiation level is 0.1 mSv, which is equivalent to the emission level of natural rays, not requiring any separate radiation blocking room.

- Possible to evaluate Future Fracture Risk and examine the trend.

- Excellent repeatability by being designed to place feet or wrists at the right spots.

- Possible to predict hereditary growth potential and future height through examination of childrens growth plate.

EXA 3000 specification

  Scanner Description   Digital Radio Beam pDEXA
  X-Ray Source   Stationary anode X-Ray tube
  X-Ray Detector   CCD Detector
  Scan Sites   Calcaneus (Heel) & Forearm
  Scan Time   5 sec. (Calcaneus), 5 sec. (Forearm)
  Precision & Accuracy   1% (Based on QC Phantom)
  Operating System   Window XP, 2000 and Vista
  Dimension   670 * 410 * 373 mm
  Weight   27.45 kg

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