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Electrocardiograph CardiMax FX-7542


The FX-7542, ECG technologies that Fukuda Denshi has accumulated
over many years are merged with the most recent technical innovations.
Numerous options make it a highly flexible device and enable each
user to configure an exact system for their purpose.

Innovation - High Image quality

Frozen waveform storage for more substantial examination

A touch of the button, 10 minutes (maximum) of frozen waveforms of all leads, from which a desired portion can be designated for recording, analyzing or filing will be stored to the memory. This function is especially useful for cases where stable ECG is difficult to obtain as in pediatric examination or where abnormal ECG may temporarily appear.

XGA liquid-crystal monitor featuring 1,024x768 dots, 65536 colors

Offers high-definition images as on chart paper, thereby enabling diagnosis directly from the screen.

Memory Image Viewer

This Function enables the staff to view all lead waveforms of the past 10 minutes and the waveform section that has been selected.

Large LCD screen enables waveform observation in detail.

High image quality and user-friendly interface provide great examination environment.
The smoothing function enables presentation of gentle waveforms without any hitching.

Diagnostic Support

Highly accurate analysis capability to support diagnosis and facilitate explanation to the patients

Adherence to excellent analysis accuracy has led to a higher and efficient diagnostic tool.
The advanced ECG analysis program (Ver.S2) outstandingly improved the rate of detecting myocardial infarction, supraventricular extrasystole and WPW syndrome. In addition, onscreen comparison with past waveforms enables easy confirmation of waveform changes.

ali almimarAnalysis result confirmation display

  • Presents results obtained by analyzing acquired data.

ali almimarComparison display

  • Presents previous waveforms together with present ones.

Supported Various Examination

This device, FX-7542 can totally support various examinations.

Holter ECG examination (option)

The optional software enables the FX-7542 to easily analyze the ECG data recorded by Holter recorder and to edit the morphology.

15-lead examination (option)

Optional 15-lead cable with amplifier module enable the FX-7542 to record V3R, V4R and V5R or V7, V8 and V9 together with standard 12-lead ECG.

Stress test (option)

The optional software enables the FX-7542 to perform stress test using a treadmill or ergometer. The full-scale stress test enables detection of irregular beats which may not be found in the resting ECG as well as supports prescription for cardiac rehabilitation and exercise therapy.

Master two-step test

The FX-7542 can be used for Master two-step test. Based on the input age, sex and body weight, it automatically calculates the target number of steps and generates step sounds during exercise. Recording is possible in a preset time or at intervals and the recorded waveform can be printed out together with the resting waveform for comparison.


Multifunctional electrocardiograph with proven basics plus flexibility!

  • 10-minutes frozen waveform storage
  • Latest ECG analysis program(Ver. S2)
  • XGA liqid-crystal monitor featuring 1,024x768 dots , 65,536 color
  • Time comparison between studies.
  • Various options



335(W) x 346(D) x 119(H) mm


Approx. 8Kg

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