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Oilless Medical Tank Mounted Air Compressors

Product Description


  • Oilless Air
  • Simplex, Duplex, Triplex
  • Low Noise
  • 462 (LX2) Certified
  • High Efficiency Motor
  • UL Listed Controls
  • ASME Air Receiver
  • Run Hour Meter
  • Duplex Alternating Control
  • 3 year pump and 1 year system warranty

The OT series air compressors have been designed and tested to meet the most demanding specifications in the pneumatic oil free industry. All 2 to 20 HP models are equipped with a cooling fan and air control shroud to achieve low head temperatures and further minimize wear. Three-phase motors include either a manual starter - or a magnetic starter with three overload heater coils that are factory mounted and wired.
Single phase motors have built-in overload protection and a DPST disconnect switch.
An optional magnetic motor starter which has been selected and wired for the intended input voltage is available upon request.

A correctly sized Refrigerated Air Dryer with automatic condensate drain trap assembly and bypass valve is also available as an option. Power wiring to the dryer is done at the job site using standard 120 volt power.  OT series compressors are available with either a manual, float, or electric type automatic tank drain. This unit is furnished with a manual drain attachment. The tank drain must be mounted to the compressor at the job site.  Vibration Dampening Pads are included.



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