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Need supplies for your 


  •  X Ray Film, Dry Film and Laser Film
  •  Ultrasound Coupling Gel
  • Thermal Printer Paper
  • ECG Paper
  • X Ray Contrast
  • MRI Contrast

we can provide you with these, call us now

Vienlite Products

What is Vienlite?
Veinlites produce a ring of bright light which is focused down and to the center of the ring. When a Veinlite is placed on the skin, the light uniformly illuminates the superficial tissues inside the ring. De-oxygenated blood in veins absorbs the light so veins show as dark lines within the illuminated area. Placing gentle pressure on the Veinlite® stretches the skin and engorges the vein for easier needle insertion through the opening in the ring.

Vienlite LS® 

Made in USA

                                                                                                                                                                                                            The most versatile fiberoptic Veinlite, the LS model combines the features of Veinlite and Veinlite P.

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