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Veinlite® P



The most advanced fiberoptic model, Veinlite® II is designed specifically for treating varicose and spider veins. The low-profile 150W light source, with quick connect receptacle, produces bright white and high-contrast orange light. The 6ft fiberoptic cable and large, heat resistant plastic ring illuminator are designed to be autoclaved and disposable plastic barrier covers prevent cross contamination.



The most advanced Veinlite® for sclerotherapy and phlebology. Veinlite II has improved the imaging of varicose veins, enabling vein specialists to work more comfortably and efficiently, while following best practice guidelines for prevention of cross-contamination. The addition of an orange light option provides higher contrast imaging of small superficial spider veins and is gentler on the eye, making it easier to perform detailed work for an extended period. The NCC-150 low profile light source model has a quick connect receptacle making it easier to attach and detach the fiberoptic cable. The new autoclavable ring illuminator comes with disposable, single use barrier covers and is 20% brighter than the standard ring illuminator.

New Features:

  • Autoclavable ring illuminator with 20% more fibers
  • Low profile 150W halogen light source with dual light selection:

  1. High-contrast orange filter for superficial and spider veins
  2. Bright white light for deeper and feeder veins

  • Quick connect receptacle
  • Disposable plastic barrier covers (50 included with unit)
  • Dual color 150W halogen light source (110-120V A.C.)

Kit includes:

  • Autoclavable large ring illuminator with 6ft. fiberoptic cable
  • 50 single use disposable barrier covers

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FO-150 model 150W halogen light source (110-120V A.C.)

Large ring illuminator attached to 6ft. fiberoptic cable