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Vienlite PEDI®



Ideal for the NICU or newborn nursery, the Veinlite PEDI® is specifically designed for infants and neonates. Powered by one CR2 battery, this smallest and most compact version of the Veinlite LED product line has two switches operating 12 dual colored LEDs for variable light output. A snap-on neonate adapter facilitates through-the-body transillumination.



For Neonates and Infants (not recommended for use on children over 24 months) 

Proven Veinlite® Technology 
Veinlite PEDI is our smallest and most compact version of the clinically proven and very successful Veinlite LED device which was reviewed as "an invaluable new addition to our kits." (Jeffery Lindsey - Journal of Emergency Medical Services 2005)

Invaluable for Vein Access 
Take the stress out of finding veins in your smallest patients! The Veinlite PEDI is optimized to find veins using the traditional through-the-body transillumination technique and also by the pantented* side-transillumination method which can be used anywhere on the body, even on the scalp. With the Veinlite PEDI, veins can be mapped to avoid valves or bifurcations and find the best place for safe access. the ingenious C-shaped design helps secure the vein and provides traction on the skin, facilitating easy needle insertion.

Unique C-Shaped Design 
With Veinlite PEDI's C-shaped design and 12 light emitting diodes (LEDs) in two colors, superficial veins can be seen and accessed anywhere on the body. No more guess work and no more probing.

Snap-on Neonate Adapter 
An innovative adapter** allows six LEDs to shine through a small opening for transillumination through neonate limbs.



  • Two LED colors optimized for vein imaging
    • Orange LEDs** (8) for superficial veins
    • Red LEDs (4) for deeper veins, darker skin
  • Includes single use barrier covers
  • Small 3 volts Lithium battery
  • Weight 40 gm (1.5 oz) with battery
  • Size 6.7x4.2x2.4 cm
  • One year warranty

**Patent Pending

Kit includes:

  • LED Veinlite
  • 12 LEDs in two colors (red and orange)
  • 50 disposable covers
  • Small 3 volts Lithium battery
  • Light shield
  • Neonate adapter

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